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  • Mistress’s role in a huge 2014 campaign was to reinforce PayPal’s brand and product credentials in the face of the launch of Apple Pay, a one-touch payment system identical to that of PayPal’s. First off, Mistress created a campaign highlighting PayPal’s 'people economy’, made up of the faces and voices of PayPal staff and tech influencers instead of actors. One of the messages within the film targeted the tech community by referencing PayPal’s support of Bitcoin. This helped distance PayPal from Apple and the film immediately picked up over 2 million views.

    Another execution, questioning Apple’s cloud security credentials, launched via twitter and full-page in the New York Times, went viral amassing 100 million impressions globally. This Security-centric messaging then carried into the Holidays where we partnered with Ellen, Conan and College humor to create a suite of non-traditional branded content.

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  • SOL REPUBLIC is for the music lover in all of us. So to re-brand the independent company, we celebrated all the crazy things that music makes us do: from the beautiful, to the bold, to the bloody. In this integrated campaign, we created a new visual identity, logo and fresh tone of voice.

    An anthemic brand film showcased various people’s emotional connections to music - with an original composition and lyrical voice-over. Each individual story was then broken down into its own mini-film, distributed through social media. Dozens of cultural influencers brought the campaign to the next phase by sharing their own #MMMDI moments online, and challenging fans to contribute. 

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  • The launch of Assassins Creed's first co-op multi-player game changes the course of the French Revolution.

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  • For the launch of TNT's Legends, a psychological drama starring Sean Bean as an FBI deep cover operative with many identities, Mistress invaded the privacy of 15 influencers to put them and their followers into the world of Legends.

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  • For VH1's new show "Dating Naked” old-school romance got a new-school twist live, in one take, on the streets of LA, delivering 1.5 million hits in just its first four days.

  • Hindsight is VH1's new scripted series about Becca, a New York girl who goes back to the 90s and gets a second chance to do things differently – the way she wishes she had in hindsight. To launch the series, Mistress went where every other New Yorker goes when they want a second chance: Craigslist Missed Connections. We gave one real Missed Connection poster her own second chance, and created a six minute documentary about her story of going back to do things differently.
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  • With the launch of the Aperol Brunch Society, came a new unbelievable job position: The Chief Brunch Officer. The CBO’s main role is to brunch through all the hottest restaurants in their city, drink Aperol Spritz with their friends, all summer, and… get paid for it. The job postings are shareable and targeted at people who are already looking for new challenges in their life.
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  • “World’s Best Driver” is an epic half-hour (22 minutes without commercials) movie that aired online, on TV and cinema and was distributed in over 33 languages around the globe. Team Hot Wheels compete over seven different disciplines within a huge multi-terrain racecourse in vehicles specially created for the content. From this content and through a partnership with Warner Brothers, a console video game was created.
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  • To launch their new male-targeted STRONG & KIND bar, KIND sought to challenge typical notions of masculinity by showing that it takes strength to be kind. Who better to represent this philosophy than NBA superstar, Kevin Durant?

    KIND donated $1 million to KD’s charity and launched an integrated campaign to spread the philosophy. Through a microsite, social media posts, tool kits and out-of-home postings, fans are encouraged to join the movement by taking the pledge. And it’s only getting started.
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  • Bright, bubbly, and perfect for the daytime, the Aperol Spritz is Italy’s favorite spirit, but relatively unknown in America. So instead of creating a campaign, we created a movement. Introducing the Aperol Brunch Society, whose philosophy is that brunch is not a meal, but a lifestyle, and always served best with an Aperol Spritz.
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  • Coca-Cola’s NOS Energy Drink is a challenger brand taking on the biggest names in the category. Rather than join the over-hyped world of energy drink marketing, NOS decided to expose it, showing that they’re a no-hype brand in contrast to their competitors.

    A transmedia campaign followed ex-energy drink marketer and stunt bro, Jordan Treehoeffer, on his futile quest to get a job at NOS.
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  • Hampton Hotels has been popular with business & older leisure travelers for years, but with a new generation entering the marketplace, Mistress was tasked with raising awareness and trial amongst Millennials. Knowing Millennials value peer opinions above all else, we set out to construct a campaign created entirely by Millennials, for Millennials and shared by Millennials.

    We identified influential travel bloggers & college football fans, sent them to Hampton Hotels around America and asked them to update their social channels along the way via the hashtag #Hamptonality. We then compiled all the pictures, videos and experiences into two :30 second spots which were featured on MTV.com, Hulu, Pandora and ESPN.
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  • The premise to ‘live like a pirate’ was the idea behind the global launch for Ubisoft’s newest Assassin’s Creed game, Black Flag. This thought was brought to life in front of the world’s oldest seaworthy windjammer sailed from the Maritime Museum into the heart of Comicon in San Diego Harbor.

    The 150 year-old ship was transformed into the heroic ‘Jackdaw’ from the upcoming game including live cannon fire, pirates, wenches and rum! Hollywood celebrities and hand-picked fans saw the commercial for the first time and could play the game while scenes from Black Flag took place, live around them.
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  • Mistress launched the first-ever Jägermeister campaign in the US. Jägermeister is a strong drink for strong men with strong bonds. A group of men who best represented these traits were hand-picked and brought together in one place, now known as earning A Seat at the Table, to form the ultimate bond. Each man selected was a real athlete or cultural icon that touched a different subculture that connected with different people all over the country. The Stronger Bond idea became integrated content for an Ink Master special on Spike TV.

    The Stronger Bond idea manifested itself in social activations, TV programs, documentaries and outdoor. The campaign also got traction in culture through people who weren’t at The Table but wanted to be. The idea went right down to consumers who embraced the idea of showing their own bonds.
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  • The 2012 marketing campaign used rich entertainment content rather than traditional advertising to spread Hot Wheels’ global brand messaging to a large audience than just the core young boy, making it relevant to boys of ALL ages. Mistress created an epic, globally-distributed, episodic story based around real characters, stunts and a double-loop toy. The fictional storyline talked to kids while a real world-record double-loop at the X Games and viral corkscrew jump extended the Hot Wheels brand to a massive older audience.
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  • To kick off the New Year, KIND Healthy Snacks wanted to spur social engagement and encourage their community to choose KIND as their healthy lifestyle choice in 2014. To help promote KIND’s mission of inspiring others to do kindness in the world, Mistress tapped into the cultural hacks trend of useful improve solutions for the everyday. Each day throughout the month of January, the “#kindawesome hacks” social campaign highlighted an act of kindness in a clever, improvisational way the ultimate goal to inspire fans to pay it forward. True to KIND’s tagline “Do the Kind Thing for your Body, Taste buds and World,” hacks assumed a wide variety of acts from fitness inspired to taste tips all aggregating via #kindawesome.
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  • Coca-Cola’s NOS® Energy Drink launched a new product innovation targeted for the gym: NOS® Active. Being a no-nonsense brand, the natural spokesperson was world-champion mixed martial artist Georges St-Pierre. Counter to the direction of the big-time TV director who asked Georges to use all the typical tricks to sell energy drinks, GSP stayed true to himself, and the NOS® brand and delivered the product message in his typical hype-free manner. The campaign spanned TV, digital, social, point-of-sale and outdoor.
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  • Jägermeister’s first outdoor campaign in the U.S. took over eleven key cities across the country with contextually-targeted messaging in English and Spanish. NYC and Chicago also included major train station dominations.
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  • A global campaign reached out to an older audience and transformed a toy brand into an entertainment property. Mistress created Team Hot Wheels, an anonymous group of world-class drivers and a backstory about the Hot Wheels Test Facility. They were brought to life with a world-record vehicle jump on a life-sized Hot Wheels track at the Indy 500, a 30-minute TV show on ABC, merchandising, a web series and new toy lines for the existing base. The world-record jump has been viewed over 50 million times and the unveiling of the Yellow Driver on Facebook led to an increase of 200,000 fans.
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  • Due to an NBA player lockout, 2K Sports could not use their biggest drawcard and PR tool on the cover of their latest game: current players. Mistress solved this problem by turning the iconic cover into an art project and at the same time transformed the way people think about video game covers. Three artists were asked to interpret the updated NBA 2K12 gaming experience.

    Adam Larson’s interpretation was selected as it best captured the fantastical world gamers enter when they experience the game. A close second was artist WK Interact. It was the first time the game had ever had three covers, and three of basketball’s greatest competed to see whose cover would sell the most. Magic Johnson even launched his cover on the Late Show with Jay Leno with a special cameo of Jay’s very own version.
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  • Mistress launched Jäger Spice, Jägermeister’s first-ever product extension in the United States. Mistress collaborated on package design, naming and art direction to define key art for the launch which manifested in point-of-sale, trade packs and on-premise signage.
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  • ESPN launched a one-of-a-kind, fully customizable app that enables sports fans to follow their favorite teams in real-time. Leveraging the global might and reach of ESPN, the application instantaneously updates scores and stats the moment the network reports them.

    Recognizing the team’s international make-up, ESPN tasked Mistress with developing a global TV campaign to launch the product. We focused on a simple insight: sport can now be found in places it never was before. Sport Where There Was None ran in South America, Europe and Asia.
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  • To advertise Red Bull’s flagship consumer event, Flugtag, Mistress produced a five-part TV series, On The Wings Of Glory on FOX Sports Network. To accompany the show, our fearless host, Burt Kreischer, crashed FOX’s show Final Score. To increase shareability and engagement an app was developed that allowed you to design your own Flugtag craft and crash your friends’ websites.
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